We hate to say we told you so…

Actually, no we don’t. We tell you, Mrs Prime Minister and Ms Home Secretary, because. some of us are still deluded enough to think that it may sink in eventually. We tell you, mr and mrs public, and have done for the last 9 or 10 years, because it’s your protection that’s suffering, and we’re increasingly tired of being ignored.
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Repeatedly warning about police cuts is not about protecting my pay packet against sub-inflation pay rises. We’ve been stuck at 1% for the last few years, when I remember the days of 2.5% payrises. That 1.5% difference on a salary of £37,000 for top-rate PC is about £550 a year, nearer £350 after tax and other deductions. That’s one less chinese takeaway a month, I’ll live with that, and just be grateful that I’ve got a secure job.

It’s about the fact that cuts in staff mean less can be done. Each successive increase in efficiency brings less and less of an improvement, all the easy fixes, the low-hanging fruit, have already been done. The fact that we had to have the army on the streets 2 months ago, and a deputy commisioner in the Met is begging people to come back, surely demonstrates that budget cuts have gone too far?

I know full well other public services suffer the same, this is not asking to be treated above the others. Just asking our lords and masters to be honest about the effects their policies are having. Residents of London in particular can’t fail to be aware that moped/motorbike based robberies are massively on the increase and have been for a while, for example. The public are getting increasingly frustrated with lack of support.

There’s always an undercurrent of people who sort their own problems out, usually involving very very unpleasant things happening to the people they suspect, such as Ryan  . While their standard of proof before they act may or may not be as high as ours, that’s not really the point. Currently the people who do this are doing it on their version of principle, because they don’t like the police and the courts. When it gets to the point that suspects start getting beaten and start dying at the hands of people who do like the police, but are desperate because they never see them, will our lords and masters listen then? Or will they continue seeing roses until such time as even this stops being newsworthy?

(Current outstanding jobs, 1615. Last week the high tide mark was 2,500. Last year, 1,500 was seen as a tragedy, now it would be nirvana)


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