The list

This has made me want to throw sharp heavy things at the author. Jake Berry, MP for Rossendale and Darwent, has decided it is unacceptable that a local police station is closing its public front office, and wants to know why.

The soon-to-retire Chief Constable is warning of the future effects of government cuts now.

He warned before, 2 years ago, that the government cuts were destroying the force, and it could well not be viable after 2020.

The PCC of the time warned four years ago about the effects of  government cuts.

The police federation warned 6 years ago.

I could write a book listing the number of times the police service has warned that cuts have consequences.

Have a guess which party Jake Berry MP is an MP for. Go on, I dare you. On his Facebook page, he’s has a right royal roasting from his constituents who can work out why, even if he can’t or won’t.

His name is now on the ‘sharp heavy things’ list. This list will expand.

The list so far:

Theresa May.

Tom Windsor.

Amber Rudd.

Jake Berry.


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